A responsible present
is a sustainable future.

We are committed
con el planeta y con la

Comprometidos con la comunidad!

Our business Mission and Vision, as well as our administrative practices are aligned with the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, acting in agreement with them and prioritising social and environmental impact where we develop our operations.

Following our internal policy of social, environmental and economical sustainability, as standing stone of the company, we produce and make use of soap base from 100% certified vegetable oils. We continually work in solutions that contribute to the general wellbeing of our planet through innovation in terms of materials and processes.

We promote and actively participate in a model of society that is committed with the sustainable development, respecting human rights, conscious use of resources and applying good corporate governance policies thus guaranteeing the continuity of our business in the short, middle and long term.

We have a special focus in matters of waste management, energy efficiency, rational use of water, clean energy, recycling programmes and total reduction of carbon emissions.


We are committed with the social development of the communities where we operate in. We implement programs that aim to upgrade the quality of life of those who surround us, operating in a responsible and sustainable manner, working towards a prosperous, fair, and healthy future for all.

We support NGO’s and foundations and we develop social impact programmes that cater to the needs of our workers, their families and the community in general.

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Our social impact approach begins
with our people

Since our very beginning we have focused our social impact approach towards our employees and their families. Our mission has been to upgrade their quality of life by means of fair and better wages, complimentary academic programs, entrepreneurship support, talent management, wellbeing and psycho-emotional support, and leisure and recreation, always prioritising human rights and dignified work-life balance.