In Grupo Hada we act from
a place of transparecy and
accountability. We are fully
commited to our staketholders


Our Corporate Ethical PRINCIPLES

For Grupo Hada, it is essential to promote ethical principles and corporate values as pillars of our organizational culture, as elements that define the action to comply with the organizational strategy and projection, based on trust and accountability.

• Respect and support legitimately constituted institutions and authorities.
• Comply with current regulations applicable to the organization.
• Pagar los impuestos y gravámenes económicos establecidos por la ley.
• Promover la concertación como mecanismo idóneo para la adopción de medidas y políticas que interesen al bien común.
• Evitar realizar actos comerciales con personas que se encuentren al margen de la ley.
• Contribuir a la protección del medio ambiente y al uso sostenible de los recursos naturales.
• Abastecimiento responsable de aceite de palma procedente de cultivos sostenibles, de acuerdo con las prácticas de “No Deforestación, Manejo Responsable de la Turba y No Explotación”.
• Prevenir o minimizar los impactos y los riesgos para el medio ambiente, mediante el uso de tecnologías y buenas prácticas ambientales.
• Denunciar actos que puedan constituir violación a la ley.
• Generar espacios de prevención frente a situaciones determinadas como delito, las responsabilidades de los individuos y las personas jurídicas.

Our Community
• Actively participate in union, sector, and regional affairs.
• Contribute through appropriate social practices to the quality of life of those around us

Our Customers and consumers
• Ensure that goods and services are of the best quality.
• Provide accurate and sufficient information on goods and services.
• Contribute to the protection of personal information, intellectual and physical property of the client, while they are under the control and use of the organization.
• Generate reputational protection strategies through prevention.

Our Employees
• Respect at all times the fundamental rights inherent to people, with emphasis on dignity and their rights under current labor legislation.
• Promote workplace wellness and safety for employees.
• Guarantee the non-employability of minors and avoid forced labor practices.
• Guarantee compliance with the procedures for selection, hiring, remuneration, training, and performance evaluation, which guarantee equity and equality in employment opportunities and conditions.
• Respect the right of association and collective bargaining.

Our Competitors
• Act with loyalty, transparency, and good faith in business relationships.
• Ensure compliance with a system of free competition.

Suppliers and Creditors
• Report truthfully and transparently on the economic situation of the company.
• Comply with the obligations in the manner stipulated or under the provisions of the law.
• Avoid performing acts that, fraudulently, undermine the assets of the company to the detriment of third parties.

• Propose the distribution of benefits, under the conditions of the company.
• Respect your legitimate rights.
• Inform in a truthful, transparent, and complete way, on the state of the company.

All stakeholders
• Promote innovation, growth, development, and competitiveness of the company.
• Avoid misusing inside information.
• Avoid performing acts that imply conflicts of interest.
• Promote research for business improvement and development.
• Respect and fully comply with the confidentiality agreements signed by the company.
• Custody and keep the documents and information of the company.
• Comply with the values, principles, norms, and procedures to carry out the tasks entrusted.
• Actively participate in training and development programs.

All stakeholders
• Contribute to the consolidation of business environments based on integrity, transparency, and accountability.
• Reject and prohibit bribery in any of its forms, whether direct or indirect.
• Implement criminal Compliance practices to combat corruption and bribery in the company and its business relationships.
• Reject along the supply chain, all conduct that violates human rights, such as human trafficking, child exploitation, forced labor, gender discrimination or people who have been suspected/infected with COVID-19 or some other type of disease and in general any conduct that violates the rights to dignity, freedom, good name and the free development of the personality.
• Always act with criteria of justice and equity, based on fundamental constitutional and legal principles as a tool for their achievement.
• Identify, assess, and treat the risks of the Grupo Hada to reduce or avoid in a timely and effective manner the negative impacts that these may generate on interested parties.
• Discard any action aimed at obtaining an unfair benefit, use, or advantage with stakeholders.
• Promote the country’s image abroad.