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Since 1956

Cosméticos Trujillo S.A. de C.V., originalmente perteneciente a Puig S.A, es adquirida por Grupo Hada en enero del 2016. Esta adquisición se enmarca en el plan estratégico 2016-2021 de la compañía, que contempla la expansión del grupo empresarial colombiano con miras a consolidar su posición de liderazgo en la región como empresa proveedora de servicios de manufactura, aprovechando su experiencia de más de 60 años en el mercado en la fabricación de productos de aseo y cuidado personal y del hogar.

“Puig S.A y Grupo Hada cuentan con una larga trayectoria de colaboración en Latinoamérica. De hecho, Puig ha sido cliente de Hada en Colombia durante más de 40 años. Ambas compañías comparten entre sus prioridades una clara apuesta por el crecimiento”, explicó Mauricio Trujillo, vicepresidente ejecutivo de Grupo Hada.

Cosmeticos Trujillo’s manufacturing activities began with a specialized human talent and experience in the cosmetic industry, acquired in the operations of Puig S.A, formerly Myrurgia and Perfumería Gal.


Our History

Jabonerías Hada was founded in the city of Manizales, Colombia, in 1956 by Mauricio Trujillo Correa, who endeavoured in the conditions allowed by the current economic situation. He had inherited of his father the entrepreneurial spirit and had previous knowledge of manufacturing processes around soap, as he had known about the stories of “Jabón Trujillo” the other family business in the city of Cali, Colombia. He worked with his father and was introduced by him to the world of soap making.

He studied silently the disciplines he considered substantial to assume the task, looking for ways to modernise the precarious way of making soap. He decided to pursue his dream of creating his own manufacturing company, and was backed up by his father and loving wife, Gloria Posada de Trujillo. With enthusiasm and creativity, she named the company “Hada”, and proved to be substantial for the company in many years to come.


In the beginning, Hada produced handmade laundry soap which was commercialised regionally, with the aim to supply the local market with a quality product. In 1958, Hada moved its production to the neighborhood “Campohermoso”, and later moved to the neighborhood Persia, in the city of Manizales, Colombia, where it developed an innovative manufacturing process - for the time - which positioned its products as the most representative of the sector. Hence thereof, the process required much persistence and good practices, as Don Mauricio and his wife had to overcome many challenges -the facilities were caught on fire and followed severe economic shortcomings - which they overcome with passion and ethics, fighting for their dream even in the face of adversity. In the 60’s, Hada had a major step-up when becoming a limited company and opening up for the import of machinery and production equipment. The times of “The Soap Maker”, as people called him, and handmade production gave birth to a modern soap production company.

In the beginning of the 70’s, Hada expanded its selling force and was able to take the soaps to almost all the country. Parallel to that, it started developing a technique to produce cosmetic soap, and was able to do so when, in the mid 70’s it started manufacturing for a recognised Spanish firm.

From that moment on, Hada intensified its development of cosmetic soaps, creating a market for them and achieving an important participation in the national market. In 1984, Hada turned fully to the production os cosmetic soap, leaving laundry soaps aside. Since then, the incorporation of new technologies and processes has been a constant. This ongoing upgrade of industrial and technological systems, as well as the improvement and strengthening of its quality control have been a crucial factor for building trust among national businesses, multinationals, hotel chains, amongst others, to choose us as their main manufacturer.


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